it’s autumn once again. this grey. this morning. pushing forward into a new musical ocean. swaying back and forth as a unmanned ship adrift.

we had a wonderful summer and i can still remember the feeling of sunburn. the smell of camp fire. the feeling of the waves lapping at our legs. the sound of the warm breeze through the lush dense green blanket that surrounds us.
out into the the center of nowhere, for the sake of the vast expanse that is our playground and our cathedral.

we focus our eyes now, on the things ahead, on wet streets lined with signs, the reflection of light off piano keys. we can see the rattle of brass. we can see the vibrations of strings. there’s a terrible ringing in my head always and there’s a bell ringing off in the distance. i’m not sure everything is going to be alright, because the world is a terrifying place and we hold fast to the craft that we exhale. it’s our armor protecting us against the barrage of terrible things we’re capable of. it is our weapon, cutting through the foggy indifference of human nature as blade so sharp it scars the air. we know there is good in the world. we know there is justice. we can help and we want to at least try, but it’s not easy to convince a storm of anything at all, much less the people underneath it. we can only work together to make sense of the dead languages that used to drive our kind to a common understanding. we’re all moving forever forward down our paths to meet our ends having been good to one another and having made one another truly believe it’s not hopeless to survive.