9/12/08 Devil’s workshop recording sessions (day 1)

Hello everyone! Welcome to September with THEMES!
We rolled into the Devil’s workshop this evening around seven to record our second 7″ (The Solider Trade) Through The Miniature Record Club.
Our good friend Aaron Zee is the founder of MRC and usually what he does is a 7” split with two bands. We’ve been lucky enough with the last 7” (“I cant make you believe/ it’s not hopeless to survive,” available at http://www.miniaturerecordclub.com/) to have both sides!
With this 7” vinyl we will be revisiting the song Solider trade, off of our full length “War over the great plains.”

The cool thing about this record is that the B-side will feature our good friend Booka B with a remix! It’s pretty hot!
(myspace.com/bookab for more on Booka!)

So… after a few turkey sandwiches and a couple of beers, the room was ready to roll. We have the set up like a circle where we all face eachother. The best part is that it will be recorded live, all of us at the same time playing together. No punching in crazy solos. Just THEMES live.
Andy Lageson is running the mixing board with the help of his two sleepy dog’s, Baxter and Danno.
That was Jacy’s joke, Andy didn’t really know what he was doing so he brought his dog’s.
Ha ha ha Jacy.

Now, the one total bummer about our second visit to the Devil’s workshop (and to most of you this wont make any sense, but I promise that I will explain) is that the magical beast De La Hoya recently passed away.
De La Hoya was a big fish in a little pond. Literally. He was a bright orange fresh water parana the size of a cat! I swear that anytime I ate food in the mixing room next to the fish tank that he would swim over in my direction and head-butt the glass! I’m not lying! It actually made me nervous. I starved myself for a week after that because I didn’t like the way he would look at me through the glass with a burrito in my hand.
According to Andy, he came in one day and De La Hoya was belly up! All of his beautiful orange had turned white. Andy and his studio partner contemplated putting him in the freezer and then later having him stuffed. They instead decided on an impromptu funeral in the back parking lot’s dumpster. R.I.P De La Hoya!

The Devil’s workshop is a magical studio stacked high with amps, up right pianos, b-3 organs and rows of drums. It is the quintessential wearhouse space with vaulted ceilings and oriental rugs.
I would highly recommend recording here if ever given the chance to. Most importantly the engineers of this studio are really the gems to work with. I always feel at ease yet efficiently productive when working with Andy Log.
Stay tuned over the next couple of day’s as we have Booka B in the studio with us. Also our good friend Chey is in to take photos.
You will get the first glimpse of the fall tour line up: Jacy McIntosh-Lead vocals, Baritone guitar/ Kelsey Crawford- Lead vocals, Piano/ Justin Burkhardt-Drums, Vocals, Guitar/ Josh Syx-Guitar, Vocals/ Hanna Murray-Violin

More tomorrow with pictures!

Jacy and Kelsey at the Devil's Workshop, Minneapolis, MN 9-13-09

Jacy and Kelsey at the Devil's Workshop, Minneapolis, MN 9-13-09