2008 FALL. 09-30-08 Bozeman/Missoula, MT::

gooooood morning, from beautiful Bozeman, MT. i’m sitting down to some delicious espresso from ALABAMA?

i’m doing my best to fill my time with the art of documentation, as i have witnessed the fact that the simplest things can trigger a memory years down the road…as simple as a sentence, as simple as a word….this idea became a reality for me as i packed my life into the van with kelsey and justin…it’s difficult to do, but all of those little things have some sort of undetermined value until they are acknowledged, and either discarded, or decidedly kept.

so..i was just writiing words with a pen….yes, a pen!…. and old man just asked me what i was working on, and i told him that i was trying to remember my life. he said he’d wished he’d done that at my age. i told him, it wasn’t to late to start. i guess i’d say the same to you.

i’ll keep adding to this as much as i can as well….everyone is taking amazing pictures and making great little bits and pieces of something i believe to be far greater than just a band on a tour in the united states…

(( jacy mcintosh | 09-30-08 | 10:50 PM | Bozeman MT ))

( 09-29-08 carcrashlander @ the filling station by Jacy )