2009 FALL. Day 8. Pueblo, CO

we awoke in Denver to the sound of a city in it’s early stages of operation, completely surrounded by skyscrapers in a 3 story mansion . it’s a stand alone building in the middle of downtown denver, inhabited by the members of “git some” and “kingdom of magic” ….our new family of road warriors. every inch of the place was covered with creations, amazinng screen prints giving us visions of their work over the past 10 or so years. after saying farewell to our new friend Luke, we ate brunch at a vegan place called “watercourse”. amazinng food!!!….

the drive to manitou springs is a short one from denver, and brings us through the garden of the gods… a geological landmarks of red rock spires climbing into the sky, offering us a look into the past. it’s said that the mineral rich waters of manitou springs had healing properties, which is why the natives lived near to the springs. eventually missionaries moved in and brought with them a different meaning for the waters medicinal properties. that day the town looked handsome, a old fashioned town with it’s approaching crown of clouds seemingly famous with all the camera flashes going off. streets lined with small shops and museums of historic valor. a famous penny arcade is where we spend our time until making our way to the nights show. at the business arts center, we meet Melissa who is the production coordinator for the evening, and connor from band the changing colors …both amazingly supportive , beautiful people, with great ideas for the touring music community. after the show were able to experience the local nightlife, at another show down the street . the night ended in a beautiful house on a near cliff very close to the top of Red Mountain, where connor write his amazing music. after sleeping like royalty we rise to greet the amazing view of the valley on up to williams canyon. ….manitou echoing off every corner of every object, as we end up now, in the historic “union district” of pueblo colorado for tonights show at the senate

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