The album cover for TRUNCATIONS VOL. 1

Truncations Volumes 1 & 2 are part of a compendium of abstract instrumental works inspired by exploration that defies convention. 

Volume 1 consists of 24 experimental tracks with names that honor the discovery of exoplanets within the “Known Universe”. These names were chosen by nations across the globe based on world history, mythology, and literature, as a part of the NameExoWorlds project, which is managed by the International Astronomical Society. 

There is an interactive companion to the listening experience that features links to data about each exoplanet, as well as information about the origin of each name. It is downloadable with Vol. 1. It can also be found here: 

Volume 2 consists of 14 tracks of experimental ambient, electronic, and organic music. Some of which were performed completely live by real people! 

The goal is to inspire our collective desire to explore, learn, and evolve.

The album cover for TRUNCATIONS VOL. 1

Below is the Interactive Companion to TRUNCATIONS VOL. 1. There are 118 links to information. Explore and enjoy.

#Name of Exoplanet Eponym / Information Name of StarYear DiscoveredeSky Maps
The Eburones people, a prominent Celtic tribeHD 49674 (Nervia)2002Eburonia
2DrukyulNative name of Bhutan meaning “Land of the Thunder Dragon”HD 73534 (Gakyid)2009Drukyul
3Yvaga“paradise” in the Guarani languageHD 63765 (Tapecue)2009Yvaga
4NaronAncient Celtic name for the Neretva river in the BalkansHD 206610 (Bosona)2010Naron
5GuaraniGuaraní people of southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and ArgentinaHD 23079 (Tupi)2001Guarani
6Mastika“gem/jewel” in MalayHD 179949 (Gumala)2000Mastika
7BendidaBendis, a Thracian goddessWASP-21 (Tangra)2010Bendida
8DraugrNorse myth of the undeadPSR B1257+12 (Lich)1994Draugr
9Awasis“child” in the Cree languageHD 136418 (Nikawiy)2010Awasis
10CaleucheGhost ship from the Chilote mythology of Southern ChileHD 164604 (Pincoya)2010Caleuche
11AmateruAmaterasu, Japanese sun goddessEpsilon Tauri (Ain)2006Amateru
12MeztliAztec goddess of the night and moonHD 104985 (Tonatiuh)2003Meztli
13PipiteaSmall pearls found in Penrhyn lagoonHD 221287 (Poerava)2007Pipitea
14Ditsö̀Name given to the first Bribri people by the god Sibö̀ in Talamancan mythologyWASP-17 (Diwö)2009Ditsö̀
15AsyeEarth goddess from Akan mythologyWASP-15 (Nyamien)2008Asye
16VelesVeles, Slavic deity of earth, waters, and the underworldHD 75898 (Stribor)2007Veles
17SmertriosGallic god of warHD 149026 (Ogma)2005Smertrios
18ÆgirGod of the sea in Norse mythologyEpsilon Eridani (Ran)2000Ægir
19SurtRuler of Muspelheim from Norse mythologyHAT-P-29 (Muspelheim)2011Surt
20Chura“natural beauty” in the Ryukyuan and Okinawan languagesHD 145457 (Kamuy)[6]2010Chura
21Boinayelgod of rain from Taíno mythologyWASP-6 (Márohu)2008Boinayel
22DagonFertility god of Levantine mythologyFomalhaut A2008Dagon
23HiisiSacred localities and evil spirits from Finnic mythologyHAT-P-38 (Horna)2012Hiisi
24Cruinlagh“to orbit” in Manx GaelicWASP-13 (Gloas)2008Cruinlagh